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Is your church ready to multiply?

Serving a church planter as a multiplying or sending church is incredibly generous, sacrificial, and very rewarding. A sending church helps serve a new church plant until they are self-sustaining, self-governing, and self-propagating.

  • Assessment
    We seek to come alongside and help accelerate what God is already doing in your ministry. We have chosen to take a posture of you can do it, how can we help? The Disciple Maker Assessment Discover your profile and pattern of disciple-making. The assessment is FREE and takes about 20 minutes to complete. Multiplication Culture Assessment Take the FREE Multiplication Assessment. The Multiplication Assessment takes less than 20 minutes and helps you know where you are and how to move forward. Church Mobilization Culture Assessment This unique tool is still in beta form. However, discover your church's mobilization capacity with this FREE assessment.
  • Funding
    We seek to come alongside and help accelerate what God is already doing in your ministry. We have chosen to take a posture of you can do it, how can we help? Click here to explore the multiple funding grants available for sending churches.
  • Resources
    We seek to come alongside and help accelerate what God is already doing in your ministry. We have chosen to take a posture of you can do it, how can we help? MissionInsight MissionInsite is a comprehensive demographic database tool that equips church leaders with insightful information to help them understand how to impact their community (Jerusalem) and beyond (Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the earth) with the Gospel. MissionInsite has been providing solutions to churches and regional agencies for over 13 years. Today, they serve over 107,000 faith-based organizations and 175 national and regional church agencies across 20 denominations. Their tool integrates multiple premier data sources including Epsilon, Experian, and Synergos, among other quality demographic research studies. Their data is updated twice per year to provide churches with the most accurate demographic trends and changes possible. The Great Lakes Region of The Wesleyan Church is proud to make this resource available for FREE to all of our churches in Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois.
  • Books
    There are many books we could recommend. However, here is a list of a few many of our multiplying leaders have recommended. Gaining by Losing by J.D. Greer Become a Ripple Church by Phil Stevenson Spark: Igniting a Culture of Multiplication by Todd Wilson Exponential Conference Free eBook Library 1000 Churches: How Past Movements Did It and How Yours Can Do It, Too by Daniel Im (PDF) Do you have a recommended book we should add to our list? Let us know!
  • Courses
    Every year the churches of the GLR are taking new ground for the Kingdom and expanding the gospel to more people in more places. The GLR's network of multiplying leaders and churches is always striving to learn and grow. We grow in wisdom with every new effort, project, plant, and planter so that we can serve and support YOU and God's unique calling on your heart. Here are a few of our favorite courses to fuel the fire of multiplication in your ministry. Live Sent - Discover Your Calling course with Groundswell - Is God stirring your heart for ministry beyond the walls of the physical church? In this 5-session course, you will learn how to discover your calling and effectively discern the voice of God in your life and ministry. Jesus told his disciples in John 20:21, “As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” It's time to discover your calling and “live sent.” Mobilizing Disciple Makers course with Groundswell - In this 6-session cohort, you will learn the marks of a disciple-making church and the steps necessary to create a strategic, comprehensive, and clear discipleship pathway. In addition, this cohort will help pastors move from blueprint to construction. This cohort is ideal for pastors interested in building a disciple-making process in their church. Church Multiplication BOOT CAMP - Our Boot Camp is the best orientation and initial training for church planting, campusing and missional fresh expressions. Boot Camps are offered to you 3-4 times a year and offer participants practical principal-based steps to launching a missional movement. For more information about training for church planters. Please take a moment and send us an email. We look forward to serving you. True^North: Disciple-Making in the Word For the Local Church: is a resource for all believers and local churches to better study the Word of God in depth. This resource helps every believer develop a better way of diving into the Scriptures. Pioneer Training Center course with Groundswell - The Pioneer Training Center is a community of emerging and existing pioneers and a hub for encouragement, support, and ministry equipping. It is a place to discover your calling, develop your ministry skills, and better discern how to reach new frontiers with the gospel. Mobilizing Marketplace Multipliers course with Groundswell - In this 4-session training, chapter leaders will receive everything they need to LAUNCH a new Marketplace Multipliers chapter. This course is ideal for leaders seeking practical training on disciple-making and mobilization. In addition to this online platform, we also provide opportunities for coaching. "Become a Level 5 Multiplying Church" course with Exponential Learning Community - This course is designed to help you and your church move toward multiplication. You will gain a thorough understanding of the framework of “Becoming a Level 5 Multiplying Church”. You will learn about all 5 levels and know your own level (i.e. your Profile) as your starting point. You will get insights into Levels 4 and 5 and learn from others who have made that journey. And this course will help you recognize the tensions that you’ll encounter on your way to Level 5 so that you can begin to take your own steps toward kingdom multiplication. This course is based on the material from the eBooks Spark: Igniting a Culture of Multiplication and Becoming a Level 5 Multiplying Church. Exponential - Resource Kits - As a multiplying leader, you will naturally desire to know all you can so you can do all you can. To fuel this desire for wisdom and growth, we encourage you to dive into the resource kits our friends at Exponential have provided. We can not stress enough how valuable and diverse this collection of free resources is. Here is our advice as you look through these resources. Take the time and energy required to discern the voice, leading, and calling of the Holy Spirit. This is the most important advice we can give. Take your time, and work through one entire kit at a time. Avoid the temptation to fill your plate and then not finish anything. Take a friend with you. Having another person to walk through the content with us is vital in making the information come to life in your context. Having a friend for the journey will also hold you accountable to glean as much wisdom as possible. Take a break to practice what you have learned. Knowledge is good, but wisdom comes from exposure to new information and experience practicing what you have learned. When you find a resource kit that helps you, please let us know with an email: We are continually learning about these resource kits and how they are helping so many of our leaders. Thank you! Looking for something more? We are happy to help connect you to the course that answers your specific questions. Please reach out and let us serve you.
  • Podcast
    Spirit Anointed Leadership Podcast - Whether you recognize it or not, you are constantly influencing and leading the people around you. But the real question is, what kind of leader are you? In order to see and experience the “exceedingly abundant fruit” Jesus wants to offer us, it is crucial we learn how to lead from a Spirit Anointed place. The Church Multiplication Collective is an intentional community of pastors and leaders committed to DISCOVERING, DEVELOPING, and DEPLOYING workers for the Lord’s harvest, until we have a transforming presence in every zip code. This podcast is all about learning how to be an effective church multiplier and helping you become a catalyst for God’s missional movement on earth, wherever you are. Purple Fish: Crucial Conversations on Evangelism - Mark O. Wilson and his guests will offer fresh, new approaches for sharing Christ with others, especially for those who feel inadequate and intimidated by witnessing. Purple Fish shows how it can be a delightful adventure of faith, filling your own soul in the process. Looking for something more? Let us know, we would be happy to help you find the podcast that best fits your needs.
  • Articles
    Send Well by Ed Love 5 Indicators That You Might be Leading a Church Planting Church by Ed Love Pastoring a Sending Church (with Pat Hood)

Let's Partner together to expand God's Kingdom!

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John & Danielle Freed

Directors of Church Multiplication

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Church Planting Residency

A church planting residency is a 1-year immersion program designed to prepare a church planter to launch a life-giving and multiplying church effectively.

AA church planting residency experience will allow a future church planter to experience and discern the Holy Spirit's leading in their life.  As well as learn practical ministry skills and be exposed to the inner workings of a strong mission-driven church.

Throughout the residency experience, developing church planters will have the opportunity to hear from God, refine their church’s vision, build a strong team, raise the resources they need, and develop the strategies and systems necessary to pull the new church together when they are fully released into their mission field.

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Find a Church
Planting Residency

Do you desire to grow and learn how to plant a multiplying church? Within the GLR, we have multiple church planting residency options throughout Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois that will help you move from thinking about planting a church to actually starting a new church.

Simply fill out this Church Planter Interest Form, and our GLR team will connect with you and help you find the right residency.

Planting Residency


Host Site Coaching / Execution Pathway

Is your church desiring to develop influential future church planters? Launching an effective Church Planting Residency (CPR) program can be challenging, and sometimes we need a friend to guide us through the process and equip us for success. Through a unique partnership with organizations designed to empower the local churches to multiply, the GLR has a customizable coaching and execution pathway. This customizable pathway will equip you and your congregation to move from thinking about having a CPR experience to having future church planters in your church’s multiplication pipeline. Our customized coaching and execution pathway will equip you with the required infrastructure, curriculum, and systematic onboarding processes to set your church up as an approved CPR host site.

The GLR has a special grant to help offset the coaching fees associated with setting up a residency program in your church. Don't hesitate to contact the GLR for your next steps and detailed information about this coaching opportunity.

In addition to the coaching grant, the GLR offers a Church Planting Residency Host Site Start-up Grant. To help offset any financial risks that may hinder a church from moving forward.

Please connect with the GLR to receive more information and support for the Church Planting Residency Host Site Coaching/Execution Pathway.

Church Network
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The GLR has partnered with The Wesleyan Church to provide custom training for you to launch a church planting network. The self-paced course, including personal one-on-one coaching, will equip and guide you to your next steps in developing a CPN and culture of church multiplication. Together we will answer the following questions and develop an action plan for developing an effective CPN:

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