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We recognize the importance of having a strong funding system. We believe God provides ever-expanding resources to support His work. Within the GLR, we want to be generous with our friends, but we invest in our family. For our broader kingdom friends, we have many resources we are happy to offer free of charge. However, when it comes time to invest dollars into new church starts, of course, we want to prioritize those who are a part of our family of churches in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan.

When you think of raising funds, recognize that there are multiple funding streams. Also, it is important to recognize that not all church planting models require the same funding. Our role is to help you determine the best funding streams and help you develop a plan to raise funds needed to plant the church God has called you to plant.

Sources of Funding

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Current Funding Grants Available
For All Forms of Church Multiplication
Other Sources Of Funding Available
  • A Church Planter Coaching & Training Grant through the GLR

  • A Church Planting Network

  • Other churches within the GLR or The Wesleyan Church

  • Family and friends who believe in the work you are doing

  • Launch team members

  • Launch team members’ friends and family who believe in their work

  • Co-vocational work opportunities to earn needed income

  • Other organizations that offer church planting grants

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If you have any questions about church planting funding dynamics, we would love to answer them for you. Fill out the form below and our team will connect with you ASAP.

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