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Evangelism & Outreach Conference

Date: Tuesday & Wednesday, October 17–18, 2023


Tuesday & Wednesday,
October 17–18, 2023


Evangelism & Outreach Conference 

For Pastors, Church Leaders, and Practitioners

The Wheaton College Billy Graham Center and Outreach magazine, two leading voices in evangelism and outreach, are privileged to collaborate on Amplify Outreach. The two days will be filled with insight, church-tested ideas, and plenty of interactive time. It will also be an opportunity to learn from pastors of Outreach 100 Fastest-Growing Churches to gain insight into their strategies to reinvigorate the mission during the pandemic and moving forward.

  • Has visionizing capacity
    Generates visions, initiates plans, builds significant projects from the ground floor up.
  • Intrinsic motivation
    Demonstrates the ability to be a self‐ starter who works with diligence and excellence.
  • Empowers others to lead
    Passes on the baton of ministry so that others can continue the race.
  • Reaches the unchurched
    Consistently reaches out and influences people toward a relationship with Christ and the church.
  • Has spousal cooperation
    If married, has a spouse that is committed to collaborating in marriage and in ministry.
  • Effectively builds relationships
    Evidences the ability to meet new people and engage them in relationships.
  • Committed to church growth
    Embraces growing the church, numerically and spiritually, and implements church growth principles effectively.
  • Responsive to the community
    Understands local communities and implements culturally responsive ministries.
  • Utilizes the giftedness of others
    Assesses, develops, and releases others to serve in their area of giftedness.
  • Flexible and adaptable
    Negotiates change successfully while staying centered on the overall vision.
  • Builds cohesive groups
    Orchestrates widely differing people to function as a unified body.
  • Resilient
    Stays the course in the face of major setbacks, disappointments, and opposition.
  • Exercises faith
    Evidences a strong, vital relationship with God and willingly takes significant faith risks.
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